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About Listo Amsterdam

The name, “Listo,” embodies our approach to working with clients. In Spanish, “Preparado, listo, ya” translates to “Ready, set, go.” When a client chooses reaches out to us, they’ve already taken the first step towards change. We meet them at this pivotal moment and support them so they are prepared and set to go.

“Listo” can also be translated as “clever”. As solution focused practitioners, we believe in the inherent wisdom of our clients. They are the experts for their life and possess the resources needed to move towards their desired future. The solution focused approach, developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg offers effective tools to support people in formulating, motivating and achieving desired (behavioural) changes. As SF practitioners we accompany that process from ‘one step behind’. New solutions and necessary skills are co-created.

When we first meet them several of our clients have just been through a tough time. In that situation setting first steps towards the future, they are hoping for can be scary. We incorporate principles and interventions from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to acknowledge and navigate uncertainties while staying focused on our clients’ desired future. These complementary therapeutic approaches enrich our practice, offering holistic support to our clients

In workshops and therapy alike, we utilize gamification to create interactive learning environments that nurture motivation, creativity, and engagement. The Mindsetter game, developed by Gesa Döringer, is a testament to our commitment to empowering clients. Based on solution-focused therapy and incorporating elements of game-based learning, the Mindsetter prioritizes clients’ goals and encourages innovative thinking and peer support.

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Gesa Döringer

Gesa is an experienced SF practitioner and occupational therapist. Trained at the NIK in Bremen and Berlin, she had the privilege of learning directly from two pioneering minds of SF, Insoo Kim Berg and Yvonne Dolan.
Since settling in Amsterdam in 2007, she has been working as a jobcoach at the Amsterdam UMC’s department for adolescents with early onset psychosis. With deep respect, she bears witness to the resilience and ingenuity of her clients. She is passionate about using SF and ACT to support them while they get their life back on track. Over the last decade, she has shared her expertise as an author and SF Trainer across Germany and the Netherlands, empowering over 700 professionals with SF techniques and, more recently, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Experiential learning and game elements are the secret ingredients of her work as a therapist and trainer alike, creating a safe space for clients and colleagues to explore new perspectives, discover possibilities and celebrate successes.
In 2020, Gesa published a first book on SF for occupational therapists which has since sold more than 1000 copies. She launched her therapy game, The Mindsetter, in 2023.